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Job Description:
The assigned Supervision Agent is responsible for supervising visits and providing a safe, secure environment, physically and emotionally, for children by supervising visits with their natural parent(s) at the agreed-upon visitation site. The supervision agent's schedule needs to be flexible and determined by the hours they can to work and the assignments they accept from Carolina Solutions.

To supervise visits of non-custodial parents with their child(ren). This includes monitoring and, if necessary, intervening with the parent or child who demonstrated inappropriate physical or verbal behaviors. To report as soon as possible any problems or concerns regarding a specific client, social worker or visitation request. To treat clients with respect and dignity.
• To perform only those supervised visitation requests authorized by Carolina Solutions, to fulfill the case plan for that individual/family.
• To be prompt in keeping appointments and adhering to agreed upon schedules.
• To abide by the Carolina Solutions' Rules of Confidentiality.

Minimum Requirements:
• We prefer applicants to have a Social Work background, Nursing, Teaching with an emphases on generating detailed reports
• The agent should be dependable, flexible and patient.
• The agent should be sensitive to the needs of the families we work with.
•The agent should be capable of handling emergencies if necessary.

Desirable qualities:
• Bilingual
• A background in working with Autistic children.